About These Machines

We have various types of vertical lifts to be provided. All products have adopted efficient storage battery as power. Products have advantages such as light structure, convenient operation, safety, reliability and good quality. Self-propelled vertical lifts are suitable for a narrow area such as the warehouse and supermarket; Mobile vertical lifts are good for a low-cost solution in hotels and airports.

Single Mast Mobile

Working Height 8-12m Capacity-150kg Power -12 V DC or 220 V AC

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Single Mast standard

Working Height 8-12m Capacity 125 kg Power 12 V DC or 220 V AC

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Double mast vertical platform

Working Height 8-16m Capacity 300-150kg Battery 12 V DC or 220 V AC

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Semi-automatic order picker

Working Height 4.7m-6.5m Capacity 200kg Power 12 V / 85 Ah DC

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Self-propelled order picker

Working Height 5-6.50m Capacity 300kg Dual or Trinal mast

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Self-Propelled standard

Working Height 8-11.20m Capacity 150-200kg Power 24 V / 120 Ah or 240Ah

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Self-Propelled with outreach

Working Height 10-11.20m Capacity 200kg Power 24 V / 240 Ah Horizontal Outreach- 3m Turret rotation-345°

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