Lifting height: 2,8 m
Total width: 0,80 m
Height: 1,43 m
Lifting capacity: up to and including 680 kg
Length telescopic arm: 0,60 m
Weight: Ca. 680 kg
Battery: 230V (2x12V) 2×105 A

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Max Capacity: 2820 kg
Max Working Heigh: 8700 mm
Super Slim Body Width (750 mm)
Outrigger Interlock System
4/2 Fall Hook Block
850kg Optional Searcher Hook
Dimensions: 2750mm x 750mm x 1470mm
Power: Diesel & Battery (220V)

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MOSA TFMM 5.5 – GE 6000 SX/G9

Five and a half (5.5) metrs maximum height
750m² of illuminated area
2 rugged stabilizers adjustable in height
Certified resistance at a maximum wind speed of 80km/h
Manual winch with automatic brake maximum load capacity

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